The main force behind Corporate Nutrition is a deep desire to help individuals successfully live happier and healthier lives

Corporate Nutrition is a team of accredited health professionals offering online evidence-based, health services tailored to your workplace. 

Corporate Nutrition's vision is to improve the quality of lives and reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases by encouraging individuals to:

  • Make healthier food choices & achieve a healthy weight

  • Be more physically active and incorporate active travel into their life

  • Improve mental health

  • Reduce harmful amounts of alcohol

  • Quit smoking



Jack Mashford is a registered and accredited Nutritional Therapist through The Australian Natural Therapists Association. Jack has extensive experience in clinical nutrition – both individually consulting and group coaching. Jack specializes in weight loss/management, pregnancies, behavioural coaching and medical nutrition. Jack believes in a holistic approach based on good nutrition, physical activity and a positive mindset to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.